Author : Carla Graves

4 Tips to Avoid Burglary at Home

Is there a presence of thieves in your sector? Do you feel that your home is insecure? In this note, you will know what to do to avoid robberies at home. Best of all, you can do it just by applying some preventive measures.

Therefore, to avoid robberies at home, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

  • Close the main door when entering or leaving the property. This will prevent an intruder from sneaking into place amid carelessness. Similarly, someone will be prevented from looking outside if there are valuables on the site.
  • Keep the windows closed when you are not at home, since, if they are always open, this can attract the attention of criminals to enter through them.
  • Check frequently that the locks and other security seals are applied correctly on doors and windows.

Clear the yard of the house

On many occasions, the deck of the house can serve to place certain objects that attract the gaze of criminals. The clearest example can be seen in the boxes and another packaging of household appliances that have just been purchased.

Some families often leave these wrappers in the garden, not realizing that thieves may associate them with high-value technological objects inside the building.

Likewise, in many decks, other objects accumulate, such as children’s toys, furniture, and waste. These can be used by intruders to lean on them to lower more easily after crossing the perimeter walls or bars of the house.

That is why it is recommended to keep the deck of the house as clean as possible, either main or rear.

Avoid attracting attention in the area

Indiscretion is one of the best allies of criminals, and those responsible for this are the victims themselves. Thus, when a person flaunts his assets, he does nothing but become a potential target for a robbery.

For this reason, high-value objects should be avoided from being visible to anyone inside a house. Thieves often prowl the neighborhoods and look inside the property from the street.

Once criminals have spotted a house where valuables abound, they mark the spot for a future burglary.

Therefore, it is recommended to take the following preventive actions:

  • Do not have cash or jewelry in the vicinity of the house.
  • Do not transport technology items outside the home without covering or hiding them.
  • If you have luxury vehicles, take them to the street only when strictly necessary.
  • Do not post that you are going on a trip or that you will be away from home for a long time.

Implement security devices

Today, it is possible that any homeowner can access security devices, which will improve the house’s security conditions. In this sense, the most recommended equipment in homes are these:

Security cameras

Video surveillance cameras are among the most common devices used in homes. Their versatility, discretion, and variety of models make them the favorites of the public.

Also, many of them can be associated with mobile applications that allow real-time monitoring from the user’s smartphone.

Alarm systems

In the case of an alarm system, it is responsible for emitting an alert signal when an intrusion occurs in the guarded perimeter. This signal consists of a repetitive and constant sound, in addition to sending a warning to the monitoring center.

Thus, the emergency can be managed easily and in a short time. This device is usually interconnected with security cameras.

Electric fences

The walls that protect the exterior of the home may not be enough to stop criminals. That is why electric fences are responsible for increasing such protection and deterring criminals.

In this way, whoever tries to cross the fence will receive an electric shock that will render him unconscious.

Lastly, it is recommended that any device purchased to prevent home theft be purchased from a trusted supplier and installed by certified technicians.…

Is It Profitable To Work As An Independent Real Estate Agent?

The profitability of different professions depends on different factors. Calculating the variable between costs and benefits is complex. And in the real estate sector? Is it profitable to work as an Independent Real Estate Agent? The answer is yes. And we do not say it; the experience of many professionals demonstrates it. Now, for this activity to be profitable, not all formulas are valid.


It is not always profitable to work as an Independent Real Estate Agent


It provides very high profitability. And yes, it is so, but not always. It pays to work as an Independent Real Estate Agent if it’s done right. Launching into the adventure without training, support, advice, professional real estate tools … and a long list is a mistake.


There are many cases of real estate agents that have failed due to not choosing correctly for not studying the sector well, its work area, external circumstances. Assuming commitments with agencies or franchises that, in the end, do not allow them to achieve the desired profitability that in many cases, they keep a large part of the benefits that the Independent Real Estate Agent generates with their work. And that eliminates the expected return. In the end, you end up working so that profitability only reaches others.


The independence of the Real Estate Agent well understood.


To speak of an Independent Real Estate Agent is to speak of a professional in the sector with full capacity to organize his work and direct his professional career. Something fundamental, but that needs many other things. And is that being independent is not the same as being alone. Hence the importance of benefiting from the good things that an online real estate franchise brings you. Thus, it is profitable to work as an Independent Real Estate Agent.


On the one hand, you have everything you need to work efficiently and with guarantees. The best real estate CRM, publications on portals, your website, corporate email, and access to the Real Estate Platform for Independent Agents. And it adds training, different professional services, and an innovative support system that allows you to contact professionals in various fields to help you solve any doubt or problem.


Furthermore, the advantage of online real estate franchising is that profitability is achieved quickly. It does not require an initial investment, and the fixed costs are very low. In this way, with each operation you close, you will obtain the profitability you are looking for. All the profit generated by your operation, 100% of the fees you generate are for you. The real estate franchise is not left with anything. The benefit and profitability achieved thanks to your effort and dedication have a direct impact on you.


Thus it is profitable to work as an Independent Real Estate Agent. And in fact, many professionals in the sector are already working in this way and achieving significant profitability with their activity.

Building A Deck: Our Good Ideas

Arrange your deck as an extra room, so that this place of passage becomes a space of conviviality. Here are all the tips from our experts to make your deck a real little garden.


Closed space, with sometimes unsightly walls and lacking in light, the deck is a precious space in town or a house. It is a shame not to exploit it. With a few ideas and the right tips, make your deck a friendly space where neighbors meet, and family get together.


Prepare the ground for your deck


In an interior courtyard, deck or city garden, the smaller the area and without light, the more difficult it is to arrange. Calling on a landscaper seems the simplest option for a mini perennial garden. You can get started by taking the time to prepare the ground well, look for plants that require little light, make set-up sketches, and start sober. 


Bring light to the deck


Once again, mirrors are great for lighting up the deck. All reflective surfaces are your allies: fountains, basins, metal objects … The choice of plant varieties allows you to nuance the color palette. Use, for example, silver leaves. At night, we put on artificial lights: candle holders, lampposts, high sconces.


We are thinking of illuminating the paths for more safety but also to polish the atmosphere. We do not forget the long garlands to dress some beds and bring a touch of magic. 


Camouflage unwanted people


In a building courtyard or the center of a house, there are always some annoying elements. The garbage or bicycle room, shabby walls, ducts, pipes … Impossible to get rid of it. Exterior paintings are the fastest solution, provided you have the condominium’s right or the town hall.


These elements can also be hidden behind removable partitions, canisses, or screens treated for the exterior. The best is to use trellises with climbing plants, tubs planted with bamboo, or create green walls as recommended by the two landscapers. Vertical gardens are trendy and easy to achieve. The must, a dark paint to attenuate an unsightly wall, associated with plants in the foreground that will redraw a composition. 


Isolate the deck from noise


In town, the main concern is sound insulation, so as not to disturb the tranquility: Contrary to popular belief, plants alone do not absorb noise. A vegetated noise barrier, yes. If we draw a line between the source of the noise and the receiver’s ears, the wall must be at least as high as this line. Install evergreen and broad foliage plants to attenuate noise, double it with a fence for double insulation. Otherwise, treat yourself to a plant wall to install. Their thick support combined with plants is very effective. 


What plants to use for your deck?


Once the composition of your arrangement is installed, it is time to look at the plants’ choice. The deck is a space where there is a lot of shade and little wind. A deck is a place of daily life in any season, and it is preferable to use persistent plants. 


Plants from dry land (cacti, aloe vera, agave, etc.), which require little watering and do not clutter up small spaces, are recommended. Arrange them according to their height. 

How To Bring More Light To An Interior

Natural light is the ideal light source for an interior. It also plays a definite role in the health and morale of the occupants of the premises. Here is a selection of ideas for taming the sun’s rays with ease to enjoy it fully.

Paint some sections of the wall white

To fully reflect the light, the best alternative is to paint some walls in the house white. This color is known to capture natural light, imparting a sense of clarity and expanse. For more effect, it is possible to have accessories immaculate or in other light shades such as a bench or a table.

Choose white bed linen

To gain brightness in a bedroom, using plain white bed linen is particularly recommended. This alternative allows you to instantly illuminate a room without adding additional lamps, especially if the piece of furniture is in the middle of the room.

Naturally, illuminate the attic

It is possible to invest the attic by illuminating them more thanks to a few tips.

  • Painting the ceiling with the color white ensures that the light from the windows is diffused into the room;
  • Painting visible powders is also an excellent alternative;
  • To diffuse natural light effectively, it is also sufficient to place a large mirror flush with the floor or leaning against a wall;
  • Creating openings at the roof will keep light throughout the day while adding main openings.

Prefer a glass door

If one of the rooms in the house opens onto a perfectly exposed exterior, it is best to use a glass door. The latter plays the card of transparency to bathe the interior in light. Also, it is possible to paint the walls white while installing a mirror on a section of the wall for more lighting.

Set up a counter near a window

In an open kitchen, placing a counter under or next to a window provides a naturally lit, flat surface. This space will serve as a work plan or will be dedicated to lunch or dinner without requiring a lamp. Result: a certain dynamism and graphics.

Install workshop-style glass roofs to partition the kitchen area

Need to combine closed kitchen area and open space? It suffices to arrange a glass structure around the kitchen area. It will provide visual access to the room adjacent to the kitchen and stay in contact with guests while enjoying a corner dedicated to preparing meals. The windows’ transparency illuminates the room, especially when the kitchen area is placed near the bay windows or windows.

Bet on the reflections of a mirror

In dark and narrow rooms such as the bathroom, it is possible to create reflections with a mirror. If there is a window or an opening to the outside, just install a mirror so that it reflects daylight to illuminate the room. For a harmonious rendering, favor a mirror similar in shape to the window.

A staircase to circulate the light

This option is particularly suitable for a residence with one or more floors. However, it is important to provide sections of the wall painted white on either side of the staircase. Indeed, the idea is to diffuse the light along with the structure.

Create an opening to another room

To gain brightness, it is possible to knock down the wall between two rooms, provided that it is not load-bearing. An additional window and extra space further illuminate the room. It suffices to structure the area with a low wall, among other things, to separate various spaces. It is also possible to arrange a glass roof, taking care to choose it white.

Use light, white curtains

The color around windows has the power to influence interior light. Thus, colored curtains are known to absorb light effectively. In the absence of vis-à-vis, thick curtains are not necessary either. The best is to adopt a light white sheer, covering the windows while lighting the room.

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