Different Types of Dog Leashes and Collars

dog leashes and collars

If you walk your dog outside it’s essential that they have a good quality collar and leash. The right choice can help you avoid your dog getting lost or becoming injured by other dogs, or even catching their throats on objects like fences or car handles.

There are a huge variety of dog leashes and collars to choose from. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to select one that suits your dog’s individual needs. Consider their age, landscape and level of training (and chewing).

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Probably the most common leash is the standard flat type with a metal clip that fits on to your dog’s collar. These are usually 4 – 8 feet long and come in many materials. They are very convenient and work well with all kinds of dogs. Some also feature reflective material and are good for walking at night or in dark areas where the road is not lit.

For strong or agressive pullers, there are leashes that have metal prongs that tighten around your dog’s neck when they pull. Although these are effective at stopping pulling they don’t actually teach the dog how to walk properly and should only be used under the guidance of a trainer.

Another option is a head collar, which sits high on your dog’s head and has an adjustable loop that goes around their neck. They are a good alternative to slip collars as they do not put pressure on the neck but rather restrict your dog’s movement, which makes them less likely to pull or choke themselves.

Different Types of Dog Leashes and Collars
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