EMF Canopy – Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields While You Sleep

An emf canopy is a bed covering that blocks electromagnetic frequencies while you sleep and helps you recover from the damaging effects of RF radiation. Electromagnetic fields and frequencies are emitted by everything from Wi-Fi routers to cell phones, smart meters, smart TVs, and many more devices that you use throughout the day. They cause harm to the body and can be responsible for things like headaches, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, joint pain, hormone disruption, and other symptoms that disrupt your normal sleeping pattern.

The best EMF canopy can provide you with protection from electromagnetic frequencies while you sleep, and help your body relax and restore itself during the night. Most canopies work as a Faraday cage and protect against radio frequency (RF) radiation, microwaves, and other harmful electromagnetic fields. Some are rated to shield up to 60 dB, which is excellent for blocking EMFs from the most common sources of radiation such as cellular towers and WiFi/WLAN. However, the effectiveness of a canopy will vary by fabric and frequency.

Exploring the Benefits of EMF Canopies: Your Ultimate Guide to Creating a Safe Haven

It is important to keep in mind that EMF canopies only reduce the exposure to EMFs, and do not eliminate them. Therefore, you should always try to remove the source of EMFs from your home first before considering a canopy.

This EMF canopy is the best option for electromagnetic hypersensitive people, and multiple chemical-sensitive individuals (MCS). It is made of a unique breathable fabric that has a high copper/silver content to shield against EMFs. This fabric is also designed to be hypoallergenic. Washing the fabric is possible, but should be done sparingly as each washing will decrease the shielding effectiveness. The canopy can be hung using a screw hook, and it is easy to install.

EMF Canopy – Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields While You Sleep
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