Fulfilment Centres Can Help Reduce Logistics Costs

fulfilment centres uk

Managing a successful online store requires the attention of a dedicated team with skills in all aspects of business management. For eCommerce sellers, shipping orders promptly is the key to ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction. While storing inventory and managing logistics are important responsibilities, they can also be extremely time-consuming. Fortunately, third-party fulfilment centres uk (3PL) can help retailers and online stores eliminate many of these administrative tasks, and focus their efforts on the more strategic goals of growing their business.

What is a Fulfilment Centre UK?

A fulfilment centre is a large warehouse-like building that holds inventory for an online retailer. When an order comes in, staff at the fulfilment centre pick and prepare all of the items – a process known as pick and pack – to be shipped to the customer. When an order is ready to ship, staff then assembles all of the items into a single package and hands it over to a courier for delivery.

Ecommerce Fulfilment Companies Can Help Reduce Logistics Costs

In addition to providing the infrastructure, ecommerce fulfilment companies can streamline processes by using automation and creating a workflow that’s designed for maximum efficiency. They can also leverage their purchasing power to negotiate low shipping rates with carriers and save on labour costs. This can dramatically lower logistics costs, and free up valuable resources that could be put toward advancing the business. With a reliable fulfilment centre partner, retailers can concentrate on marketing, customer service, and product development – all of which are critical to growth and success.

Fulfilment Centres Can Help Reduce Logistics Costs
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