High Speed Roller Doors

A high speed roller doors is a highly functional solution for commercial and industrial/storage facilities where maintaining controlled environments and airflow is a priority. Also known as fast action doors, these high-performance rolling doors are capable of operating at breakneck speeds up to 80″ per second and offer state-of-the-art security and accessibility features including various activation choices, visual aids and time delay closing options.

In addition to their rapid opening and closing capabilities, these speedy industrial doors prevent unwanted entities from entering your facility, like vermin or contaminated materials. They’re also effective at minimizing the spread of noise pollution caused by heavy machinery and traffic, keeping working conditions quieter for longer periods of time.

Exploring the Advantages of High-Speed Roller Doors

If your facility has a warehouse or manufacturing area, a high-speed door will help to ensure worker safety by quickly sealing off areas that contain hazardous materials or equipment. They’re also great for containing refrigerated foods, as they close three times faster than traditional overhead doors and prevent cooling loss that could render food items unusable.

The higher opening and closing speeds of these industrial doors also reduce energy loss by limiting the amount of time the door is left open. This means fewer drafts and more consistent temperatures throughout the building, saving on heating and cooling costs and creating a comfortable work environment for employees and customers alike. With various activation methods and sensors, these doors also allow for smoother operations, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective workplace.

High Speed Roller Doors
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