What is a Bust Down Rolex?

A bust down rolex is a timepiece that has been disassembled and covered in diamonds from top to bottom. This type of bling is popular in recent cultures, particularly in hip-hop and rap. It has been referred to as iced out, which is slang for diamond encrusted jewelry, but it is actually science that makes them feel like ice to the touch.

Do Rolex watches break down?

A bust down watch is a coveted piece that can cost you thousands of dollars and has the potential to be worth millions if it is properly restored and polished. This process is highly specialized and takes many years of experience and incredible skill to perform. Link : https://www.thewatchgoat.com/bust-down-rolex/p/36mm-bust-down-rolex

Why Are Rolex and Patek Philippe Bust Down Watches So Popular?

The bust down trend began with the popularity of hip-hop and rap music. Rap artists like Ayo & Teo popularized bust down watches as a way to flaunt their wealth and success in their music. In addition, famous celebrity dancers often sport their own bust down watches as a way to show off their personal style and creativity.

Bust down watches are not produced by luxury brands, but they are made by a special team of artisans who literally disassemble the watch to its bare essentials and then cover it in diamonds and other gems. It takes a lot of time and effort to encrust all of the components in gemstones and encrusted diamonds.

Bust down watches are not for everyone, but they are a fun and interesting way to add a little bit of bling to your collection. Some watch purists will still scoff at a Rolex, AP or Patek that has been busted down, but it is becoming less common as time passes. It is also important to remember that if you do decide to purchase a bust down watch, you will have to invest in a reputable seller and you may want to consider a pre-owned watch.

What is a Bust Down Rolex?
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