Winter Season Fence Issues for Home-Owners

As the weather gets colder and the ground freezes, your fence is likely to experience some problems. Here are a few winter fence issues that you should be aware of:

Frozen Posts

If your fence posts are made of wood, they may expand and contract as the temperature changes. This can cause the posts to become loose, which can lead to them falling over. To prevent this from happening, you should check your posts regularly and tighten them if necessary. If you have metal posts, they may also become cold and brittle in the winter weather. Check for any cracks or breaks and repair them as soon as possible.

Snow and Ice Damage

Heavy snowfall and ice can put a lot of pressure on your fence, which may cause it to break or collapse. To prevent this from happening, you should shovel the snow and ice off of your fence regularly.

Damage from Vehicle Traffic

If you have a driveway that runs parallel to your fence, you may experience some damage from vehicle traffic. This is especially true if the vehicles are not properly parked or if they are driving too fast. You can prevent this damage by installing a barrier between your fence and the driveway.

Damage to the neighbor’s fence: what to do?

If the fence is shared, repair costs – like construction costs – must be shared. It is, therefore, possible to force your neighbor to incur the repair costs. If the fence was erected by him inside his property, you would not be able to force him to repair it. In case of good agreement, you can, on the other hand, offer to help him, even to participate financially in the repair.

What are the regulations in the event of a non-middle fence?

A non-adjoining fence must respect a specific minimum distance from neighboring plots. It is advisable to inquire at the town hall because the said distance depends on the local urban plan, the municipal map, or even the local customs of the city.

Semi-detached fence and mesh

If special cases exist for certain types of walls or for ditches, the fence which separates two plots of land is considered joint. This is, therefore, the case for a fence that divides several plots. This implies that a dividing fence must be built, maintained, and, if necessary, repaired at the expense of the occupants located on each side of the fence.

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Winter Season Fence Issues for Home-Owners
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