Can Vape Juice Cause Lung Infection?

Vape juice near me creates an aerosol (or mist) that people inhale. It usually contains nicotine, which is addictive and harmful, plus propylene glycol and glycerin, which are used to create the vapor. It also can have flavorings. The chemicals in the vapor can cause irritation and inflammation of the lungs. This can lead to scarring and narrowing of the tubes that bring air in and out of the lungs. This may be why some people who vape have severe shortness of breath and end up in the hospital or on a ventilator.

Where to Find Vape Juice Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide

This summer, health officials have seen a surge in these illnesses in otherwise healthy teens and young adults who use e-cigarettes. The cases have ranged from mild to life-threatening. In some cases, people have been hospitalized in intensive care units and on ventilators for weeks. Some of the cases involved a lung disease called lipoid pneumonia. This happens when glycerin or other oils from the vape irritate the lining of the lungs. The lungs treat the oil as a foreign substance and create an immune response that leads to swelling, fluid buildup and inflammation.

While New York state law prohibits the sale of flavored vape juice, it is possible to ship it to this state using alternative courier services that comply with regulations. It is also important to note that the legal age for purchasing and using vape products in New York is 21. Many of these services will use an age verification service to confirm that the buyer is 21 or older.

Can Vape Juice Cause Lung Infection?
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