How to Find Temporary Workers in France

Many companies hire temporary workers on a fixed-term contract in order to be able to separate from them easier, without having to pay compensation. However, French law stipulates the allowed reasons for terminating such contracts as well as the maximum duration and number of renewals.

EuWorkers contrat de travail temporaire (interim contract) is a three-way agreement between employee, employer and temping agency and lasts the length of the task that has been assigned. It can be used for full or part-time work and can be renewed twice. The purpose of the contract is to fill a short-term need in the company, such as replacing an absent worker due to maternity or paternity leave; a cyclical peak in activity; the maintenance of specific IT systems or equipment, or the organisation of an event.

Demystifying Temporary Work in France: Key Considerations for Job Seekers

In general, temporary work is synonymous with precariousness for employees. This is due to the mismatch between companies’ needs and the skills available in the workforce, particularly in the IT sector, health sector, engineering and freight transport industries. Thousands of jobs are vacant, including lorry drivers, which has led to an increasing number of accidents on the roads.

In order to work in France, it is necessary to have a valid passport with at least six months of validity and proof that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself. You should also be insured against illness and accidents. Additionally, you should provide your representative with a copy of your work permit or, in the case of a CDI, a SIPSI declaration of posting.

How to Find Temporary Workers in France
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