How to Use a Bulk Verify Email Address Service

Bulk verify email address is the process of removing invalid or fake email addresses from your marketing list. This can significantly improve your email marketing campaign performance. Invalid email addresses often result in high bounce rates, spam complaints, or unsubscribes and can negatively impact your sender reputation. The good news is that there are many free and paid services available to validate your email address bulk.

The most popular and trusted bulk verify email address service is QuickEmailVerification. It’s priced affordably and seamlessly integrates with almost all of the major email marketing platforms. It also offers a very extensive set of detailed reports.

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Unlike other mass email verification services, QuickEmailVerification does not only check for valid formats and existence of the email address but also checks for email servers that accept all emails and those that do not. This allows you to quickly and easily clean your entire database without affecting your deliverability.

To use this service simply upload a list of email addresses in CSV or txt file format. Make sure that your file has one column with each email address separated by comma. Select a file location or drag and drop the list directly on Hunter website.

Once the check is complete you will receive a list of all verified email addresses, including details like bounce rate and email server status (acceptable, invalid, or not a catch-all). All email addresses that were marked as bad are added to your blacklist and won’t be able to ever reach your inbox. This way you can be confident that your future campaigns are only sent to real and active recipients.

How to Use a Bulk Verify Email Address Service
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