Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Near Me

hyperbaric oxygen therapy near me

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy near me also known as HBOT, increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry by using a pressurized chamber. This allows your body tissue to heal and helps fight infections. The temporary high oxygen levels encourage the growth of new small blood vessels, allowing your wounds to absorb more nutrients and help fight bacteria. HBOT is safe for most people. Complications are rare.

At Baylor Scott & White, our comprehensive wound programs offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy in multiplace chambers that can treat multiple patients at the same time. The chambers are made of clear material so you can see your surroundings and have constant communication with a technician outside the chamber. A typical session lasts 90 minutes.

Finding Hyperbaric Chambers Near Me: Locating Oxygen Therapy Centers for Healing and Recovery

During treatment, you sit in the chamber and breathe oxygen through a mask or a lightweight, clear hood placed over your head. The chamber is large enough for you to relax and read or watch TV, and it has comfortable seating.

Most people feel a pressure sensation in their ears, similar to the feeling when flying in an airplane or driving over mountains. This can be relieved by yawning, swallowing a sip of water or chewing gum (water and gum are provided). When the pressure is released at the end of the treatment, called ascent, you will feel cool.

At the conclusion of the two-hour treatment, a member of the HBOT team will look in your ears and check your blood pressure and pulse. Then you will get dressed and leave the chamber.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Near Me
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