Insurance Licensing – CAIB 1 – Introduction to Insurance

CAIB 1 explores the basics of insurance including habitational, personal auto, farming and travel coverages. The course also emphasizes professionalism and the responsibilities of brokers. CAIB 2 introduces students to commercial insurance, covering the commercial property policy forms, additional coverage, crime and business interruption insurance. It then explores ocean marine and aviation insurance, as well as risk management. CAIB 3 provides a comprehensive study of commercial liability insurance including CGL, auto and specialty insurance. PNC Learning also covers broker-carrier relations, risk management and the principles of management. CAIB 4 is a course for those looking to move into managerial positions within their brokerage and focuses on leadership, supervision and the brokerage management system.

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Jacques is an award-winning instructor with ILScorp, having won the Insurance Brokers Association’s award for academic excellence in both CAIB 3 and CAIB 4. He has been teaching for ILScorp since 2009. Previously, he worked as a high school teacher, where he learned to teach in a way that allows students to understand complex ideas in simple terms. Jacques has a passion for insurance and enjoys helping his students achieve success.

Licensing exams are based on textbook content, so it’s important to read the book! The cost of the course includes access to a course manual, practice exam and online resources. After registration is complete, you will receive a candidate code and link to the online booking system via email to book your exam time. Exam times cannot be booked, changed or discussed over the phone.

Insurance Licensing – CAIB 1 – Introduction to Insurance
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