Mens Tailored Fit Shirts

mens tailored fit shirts

You need to wear a fitted dress shirt when you want to look professional, or when you’re going out for a formal event. A poorly fitting shirt conveys a sense of disarray and laziness, even if you feel put together on the inside. A tailored fit dress shirt, however, looks like it was made for you and adds a touch of class to your appearance. Learn more tailored shirts uk –

The first thing you need to know is what defines a tailored fit shirt. While the term “tailored” may conjure up images of a tailor hunched over a sewing machine, a tailored fit is really a generic style that is mass-produced by popular brands worldwide. It’s a little bit closer to the body than a slim fit, but not quite as tight as a custom made fitted shirt.

Refined Comfort: Discovering the Versatility of Tailored Shirts for Men

Slim fits are the tightest fitting dress shirts out there, but they’re not suitable for men with bigger muscular builds. They also lack room in the arms and waist, which can be uncomfortable for many people.

The middle ground between slim and tailored is modern fit. While it’s not as tight as a slim fit, it’s not as loose as a classic fit. It also has a slight amount of extra room in the chest and waist, which makes it more comfortable for larger guys than slim fit. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more fitted than a slim fit but not as tight as a custom fit, you should consider a modern fit dress shirt.

Mens Tailored Fit Shirts
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