Omaha Warehouse – Nebraska’s Warehousing and Industrial Center

Omaha is a warehousing and industrial center. Many businesses use the city’s numerous shipping ports and railroads for transportation. Warehouse Omaha are used for storage, repair and distribution of goods throughout the region and across the country.

What Fortune 500 companies are in Omaha?

The city’s economy has evolved in cycles over the years. In the 1870s and early 1900s, it was a wholesale jobbing center. Jobbers bought large quantities of wholesale products, transported them via railways, and sold them to small businesses through traveling salesmen. The warehousing and transportation industries helped the city’s economy boom.

With the growth of the internet and telecommunications, Omaha’s warehouse has evolved into a logistics hub. The city’s central location in the U.S. and the fact that local speech patterns are described as pure American make it an ideal place for telecommunications companies to locate call centers. Omaha is also home to a wide range of telecommunications educational facilities, including the University of Nebraska’s Peter Kiewit Institute and Creighton University’s Joe Ricketts Center in Electronic Commerce and Database Marketing.

The downtown area has experienced a resurgence of development with the new TD Ameritrade Park Omaha and CenturyLink Center Omaha being built. In addition, a number of high-wealth neighborhoods and commercial districts have developed in areas that were once covered with cornfields. Mutual of Omaha and Berkshire Hathaway are headquartered in the city, as well as several other Fortune 1000 financial services companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, Physicians Mutual and Woodmen of the World.

Omaha Warehouse – Nebraska’s Warehousing and Industrial Center
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