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As the psychedelics industry continues to grow, retailers have begun to open up in cities around Canada, challenging existing rules. But one new retail operation is taking it a step further by opening up a magic mushroom dispensary in Winnipeg. The fungi aren’t actually magic, but they do contain mind-altering chemicals called psilocybin. They’re in a category of drugs called hallucinogens (info from Government of Canada). Find out

But buying, selling, growing and possessing magic mushrooms is still illegal in Canada unless a person has a licence or exemption. The fungi contain two psychoactive chemicals, psilocybin and psilocin, which cause you to see, hear and feel things that aren’t real (hallucinations). The psilocybin is also addictive and can have serious mental health consequences if a person takes too much of it.

Shroom Shopping in the Great White North: A Guide to Buying Mushrooms in Canada

A spokesperson for the Winnipeg Police Service said they’re aware of the store and working with federal inspectors to make sure it’s being operated safely. So far, they haven’t issued any tickets or seized anything.

The store, which opened on May 13, is owned by the same people who run similar shops in Ottawa and Toronto. It’s a cash-only business that sells different varieties of magic mushrooms as well as other products, like tea bags and dried flowers, for people who want to use them for their hallucinogenic effects.

It’s not clear how long the shop will stay open but Christian said he and his wife are confident they can operate it without running afoul of the law. And he wants to see a legal market for the drug in Canada, just as there is for cannabis and other regulated substances.

Buy Mushroom Canada
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