Getting Your Forklift Licence

A forklift license is not the same as a driver’s license. Unlike cars and trucks, lifts must be operated with specific training that includes special protocols for operating in hazardous work environments. Failing to do so results in hefty fines from OSHA and may lead to litigation that can be extremely costly for businesses.

Operating a forklift may look easy but it is anything but. Every year, forklift accidents cause serious injuries and death in the workplace. These accidents are typically the result of operator error due to carelessness or unfamiliarity. Proper training, however, has been proven to dramatically reduce accidents and injuries.

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Obtaining a forklift licence, or forklift certification, is a critical part of working safely on your jobsite. While there are many different ways to receive this training, most courses involve a combination of classroom learning and practical training. This can be done in person or online, and is usually followed by a written exam and an evaluation of your skills.

Once you complete the training, you will be issued with a forklift licence that is valid for three years. It is important to keep in mind that you must take retraining courses when you change the type of forklift you operate or when it is time to renew your licence.

For more information about getting your forklift licence, contact a reputable training provider. They will be able to explain the process and help you comply with OSHA requirements.

Getting Your Forklift Licence
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