Hayati Pro Max Box Of 10 All Flavours Review

Hayati Pro Max Box Of 10 All Flavours

This revolutionary disposable vape is a fusion of a number of cutting-edge technologies. A Hayati Pro Max Box Of 10 All Flavours offers long-lasting power, the mesh coil creates dense vapor for an exceptional experience, and the switchable mouthpieces allow for customisation. Important information like voltage output, puff count and battery life are clearly displayed on the visual display screen.

Convenience in a Box: Hayati Pro Max Box of 10, All Flavours

The hayati pro ultra 15k puffs vape comes with two independent e-liquid tanks for added convenience and versatility. Easily switch between the tanks using the simple process and enjoy everlasting taste without experiencing dry hits.

Hayati vapes come in an extensive range of delectable flavours to suit all palates, from fruity and tangy to sweet and refreshing. Berry Lemonade delivers a citrus zest, classic bubblegum flavour inspires Hubba Buba, Skittles brings the sweetness of the rainbow, and Watermelon Lemon Burst delivers a fresh, juicy twist.

The hayati pro max wholesale is also leak resistant, making it a safe and convenient device to use. A tighter draw and premium cotton material reduces condensation build up around the mouthpiece, further minimising leakage.

Hayati Pro Max Box Of 10 All Flavours Review
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