Garlic Breath Strain

Garlic breath strain skunky cannabis hybrid known for its garlicky aroma with citrus overtones. This rare indica-dominant variety was bred by ThugPug Genetics from GMO and Mendo Breath, though some report that it’s actually a hybrid of Hogsbreath and Chemdog D BX2. The potent Garlic Breath premium flower offers a balanced high that relaxes the body and upliftingly uplifts the mind—if you don’t over-consume it.

Like its parents, this pungent cannabis cultivar has a moderate THC level that can range from 20-25%. Garlic Breath delivers a potent burst of flavor on the inhale, with fresh, peeled garlic and herbs. A savory aroma, distinct from other pungent strains, also lingers in the mouth upon exhale.

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Garlic Breath’s uplifting effects can also stimulate euphoria, happiness, and feelings of uplifted energy, enhancing social interactions or creative endeavors. It’s a good choice for those suffering from depression, mood disorders, or who have trouble focusing.

Those who consume large doses of this pungent marijuana strain may experience anxiety and a general heaviness that can lead to couch-lock. It’s best for those with a higher tolerance to start with light hits and slowly build up the experience.

Medical marijuana patients enjoy Garlic Breath for its stress, pain, and anxiety relief, as well as its sedative properties. This unique weed can also help stimulate appetite for those who struggle with nausea and gastrointestinal issues. It can also aid sleep for insomniacs and those who suffer from restlessness.

Garlic Breath Strain
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